These Great Affects by Andrew Toy

Published November 10th, 2016

What do you do when you fall in love too late? That’s what happens to fifteen-year-old Adelle Hitchens in this emotionally-charged YA novel. She and Trill Vikus take an almost instant liking to each other, love is about to blossom, and chances are about to be taken. But when Trill dies in a freak accident, Adelle is forced to believe that love just isn’t for her. Until Trill comes back as a ghost, and thinking they’ve been given a second chance with each other, they fall in love, even though they know there’s no way things can turn out the way they so desperately want.

-Short Story “Lacuna Misplaced” by R. Tim Morris included

-Cover Design by Kyle Richardson, Spur Creative Studios 

Read the first chapter NOW or get your full copy HERE!


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2 thoughts on “These Great Affects

  1. Okay so upon further reflection……


    It sounds like one of those kinds that will rip my heart out but I’ll be very happy about it loll.

    Ill definitely be getting this at some point!

    Liked by 1 person

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