R. Tim Morris is an anxiety-ridden, maladjusted, coffee drinking novelist, but not in a cliché way. When not writing, he works as a library technician at an independent school in Vancouver, Canada. When not doing either, he’s usually reading fiction (contemporary, speculative, graphic novels), playing board games, double-checking New York City subway routes, bleeding blue as a die hard Rangers fan, and bleeding red from stepping on the kids’ Lego.

Writing projects

My first novel with Endever is actually the third novel I’ve written. I finished my first book (“Molt”) in 2009, after many attempts to find an excuse not to finish it. Novel #2 (“The Falling”) was finished in 2012: I call this one my “Ode to New York,” as it explores many of my favorite corners in Manhattan. After this, I immediately began working on my third novel (“This Never Happened”), completing it in 2016.


MOLT follows Isabelle Donhelle, an ornithology professor living in Boston, Massachusetts. Through the story, she explores her own past, questioning why she has always been afraid of change, and just how she’s come to find herself falling for a troubled student of hers. But Templeton Rate is not really a student at Hawthorne University, and the truth is that he has much bigger plans for Isabelle than she could ever suspect. Ultimately, she will come to realize that change, whether desired or not, is always more complicated after the fact.


THE FALLING tells the story of four childhood friends – Tommy, Kate, Jesse, and Patrick – and how they’ve learned to deal (or not deal with) adulthood. Let’s be honest, New York City has seen it all: life and death; dreams and regrets; love and loss. But the one thing this great city truly waits for is the falling of all of its inhabitants. Because, unlike friendship, the falling is inevitable.

wp-1490627928048.jpgTHIS NEVER HAPPENED is the peculiar story of Epic Small and his journey to find a sense of belonging in his world. Epic is unique in that he suffers from a cognitive disorder known as prosopagnosia, the inability to recognize and remember faces, which only adds to his feelings of disconnectedness. Just as Epic begins seeing a new and unorthodox therapist, he also meets the bold and blithe Abigail Ayr. And when a novel found on the subway begins to strangely mirror events in Epic’s own life, his mysteries quickly and uncontrollably begin to unravel. Winding through a patchwork of allusions and clues, readers will slowly piece the truth together as Epic does, while simultaneously considering the possibility that our protagonist might actually be losing his grip on what’s real and what’s not. AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON!

Thoughts about Endever

Endever Publishing Studios is a breath of fresh air. Having multiple novels rejected by multiple literary agents is not a sign that an author is off-track. In most cases, we have simply been taking the wrong tracks. Authors don’t want to have to worry about the literary gatekeepers, and whether or not their work fits into a pre-set box. Any story that has been incessantly thought-over, cried-over, torn apart, reconstructed, and emotionally committed to for years is a story that has been worth telling. And worth reading. These are the stories that Endever is publishing.


Visit him if you are in Vancouver Canada, or from a safe distance at rtimmorris.com. You can also find him on Twitter (@RyMo89) and Goodreads (https://www.goodreads.com/ryanmorris).

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