Our Mission

Endever Publishing Studios is dedicated to producing and publishing inventive and original books through teams rather than individuals. We encourage collaboration in order to achieve the highest quality fiction and non-fiction for people of all ages.

Our Unique Operational Method

At Endever Publishing Studios, we do not operate like your standard publishing house. They operate according to what worked yesterday. We prefer to operate by tomorrow’s standards. And we’re setting those standards.

Endever recognizes that the publishing industry is primarily an entertainment provider, and the competition for well-produced entertainment is intense and fierce. Our biggest competitors aren’t other publishers, since many of them are no longer relevant, but rather they are the movies and TV shows being churned out of Hollywood. So if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

How can a publishing company do this? We believe we’ve found the answer. We operate as a movie studio, putting each of our book productions through a grueling editing and revamping process before releasing them to the public. Being dedicated to the highest quality storytelling, we will settle for nothing less than the most unique and captivating stories that appeal to a wide-range of readers, despite the genre.

Authors are welcome to learn more about us by submitting their pitches to us. See our How to Submit page and follow the instructions.