Lynn Bio PicLynn Gallowayco-founder/owner, editor

It all started with one wise woman’s statement of “You should read books for a living.” From that point on, I knew I wanted to work in publishing. Before this, I was working on my degree to teach high school English, but also working with various publishers and promotion companies to help spread the word on new books hitting the market. My mom has been my biggest cheerleader when it comes to my writing and love of reading. If you hadn’t guessed, she is that wise woman.

I reside in the beautiful state of Colorado, right next to the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains with my little family consisting of my husband, my daughter, and our adopted fur girl.

Baking is my happy place. I could eat sushi or mac & cheese every day. I did still teach – high school percussion (marching band and competitive) for ten years. I have a slight addiction to tea and love to discover new flavors (but wish I had a fancy tea cup to drink them from). I also can’t stop myself from buying journals and notebooks anytime I find one I like. My love for baseball is slightly ridiculous.

And, finally, if I could meet anyone ever, J.J. Watt would be my #1 Draft Pick. Why? Because he inspires me.

T: @iLynnG, Blog: FictionMusings, and Goodreads

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