I currently live in New Cross, South London, with my wife (who encouraged me to write) and my one year old daughter. I grew up in Streatham, South London – where I lived for the first 24 years of my life. I enjoyed an active and adventurous outdoor childhood: tree-climbing, bike-riding, roller-skating, forest-exploring and more. Many of my memories from youth have inspired my writing, and some of these experiences will be noticed in my up-coming novel.
I grew up without a television, partly because it blew up before I was born, and partly because of my parents’ views on its influence. Because of this, I spent a lot of time reading (a passion I sadly lost by the time I reached secondary school – but thankfully rediscovered in my twenties). I loved getting lost in a book as a child, and would often read before bed until I couldn’t stay awake any longer. I fondly remember reading in the book corner of the class-room whilst waiting for my mum to collect me at the end of school. My mum also gave us our own library cards as children, and we would love going together and collecting our own choice of books to take home.

I have worked with children in some capacity since the age of 13, when a friend and I volunteered to help at a youth club we had been attending. I currently work in a primary school, where I have been most inspired to begin writing for children. I would often read books to the children in breakfast club, and began telling them stories I made up as I went along. After I started doing this, the children would request my stories instead of the books. Not only did this enable me to start exploring ideas, but also gave me a unique opportunity to test my content on my target market. It also boosted my confidence to write, seeing children thoroughly enjoyed my content, and would ask each day if I could continue the story I had been telling.

Writing Projects

I am currently working on my first major project: a children’s fictional novel set in Streatham, but leading into a whole new world. I am hoping for this book to be the first of a trilogy.

Thoughts on Endever

I discovered Endever through an author who is also a life-long friend, who encouraged me to pitch my idea. This was the ideal option for me, as I had written less than 10,000 words and would have to finish before approaching a traditional publisher. I was very thankful to be offered a contract with Endever after Andrew and Lynn believed in me and my idea. After I became a member of the author team, I was warmly welcomed by all, and quickly realised I was part of a passionate, talented family. I am extremely excited about the future of Endever. With such a team working collaboratively on everything, I look forward to all we can achieve individually and as a team; as authors, publishers and editors; as Endever Publishing Studios.


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