‘Ello! Most of the online community knows me by now as J. I am currently planted in a tiny town near Asheville, North Carolina which is where I was born and raised. When I come home (even if I was only gone for five minutes), I am always attacked with enough love from my white German Shepherd dog that you would think I had just come home from a war tour. My four year old daughter thinks herself a clever master of hide-and-seek even though she is always, and I mean always, in the same hiding spot and my husband can’t go through the day without getting excited over a new Star Wars theory (this is no exaggeration, we’re actually watching fan films as I type this page…#starwarsgeek).

What I do

My role at Endever as Marketing Leader is most basically a mixture of managing our media outlets and keeping our interactions fresh and creative (to, you know, use technical terms). But I like to summarize my role as being the girl with the puffy hair that comments on everything.


Blog: amongotherthingsj.wordpress.com

Email: amongotherthingsj@gmail.com

FB: Among Other Things, J


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