Before we get to the good stuff on how to submit, please read the following carefully to see if Endever is right for you.

What We’re Looking For

Authors willing to go the distance to take their manuscripts to the next level and create the highest quality work.  We want books that Hollywood will beg us for the rights to.

We publish any fictional genre except erotica. Any gratuitous sex scenes will be edited out as we strive for books to have no higher than a “PG-13 rating” in order to appeal to readers of all ages, regardless of the genre.

We are looking for stories with a high content of suspense, tension, comedy, and emotion. These stories can be set anywhere, at any point in time. And we’re not afraid to admit that we are looking for the next Harry Potter. Who isn’t?

Our books will come from highly imaginative individuals with a desire to achieve great success through their writing and storytelling abilities.

We do accept non-ficiton submissions, but we caution submitters that we run a much tighter filter for non-fiction.

How We Work with Our Authors

Scanning through our blog, you’ve probably seen a lot about collaboration and teamwork on our authors’ book projects. But what does that mean for the authors? Do they not have a say in the final product? Is someone else’s name going to be on the front of the book?

Think of it in terms of how a movie is made. The director gets credited as the director and ultimate visionary of the film. Likewise, our authors will be credited as such. But no movie is made alone. They require actors, set designers, make-up artists, and so on. So let’s say our author is strong on character development but lacks the ability to keep the story from veering off course at times.

That’s where Endever will give the author’s manuscript to an editor in-house with a clear direction of keeping the story on track. Or filling in holes in order to describe the action better, or help expand the world within the story, and so on.

Collaboration happens further when current Endever authors come to the proverbial round table and discuss the manuscript with the author. The manuscript is shared through Google Docs in order for suggestions to be made and seen by others with the ability for others to comment and conversation to flow.

Just like a movie, the book will be edited multiple times in order to ensure that only the best and most pertinent material remains in the final product at the right places with a final read by our proofreaders, getting a fresh pair of eyes to fix any missed grammatical errors.

The comedy will be crisp, the tragedy will be heartbreaking, and the tension will be as nail biting as we can make it.

The author will make all hard edits, approve the final manuscript, and be a part of the process every step of the way.

How to Submit

If you are interested in submitting your manuscript, partial manuscript, or even your manuscript idea to Endever Publishing Studios, please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Wow us by sending in the most attention grabbing/unique 2-3 sentence pitch of your manuscript to or by filling out the form below.
  2. Please include your name, place of residence, and how you heard about us.
  3. We will respond to every pitch. If your idea is rejected, you are welcome to continue sending pitches to us.
  4. If your pitch is accepted, we will reply and ask you to submit a 4-5 minute video of you sharing a more in-depth description of your story with us. Give it your best shot – no need to be perfect. Show us you believe in your story with all your heart. Make us believe in it too. We will also require a written “back cover” description of your work and a small writing sample (2-3 pages).
  5. Again, we will reply whether your idea is accepted or not. If we accept your proposal, we’ll send you a contract and we’ll get to work!

(If you have any further questions about our submission process, you can e-mail us at

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