I currently live in Logan, UT (though this changes often) with my husband and 2 cute kiddos. I have a B.S. in Psychology, but am a stay-at-home mom right now. When I’m not writing you will find me homeschooling my six-year-old, trying to get back in shape, or binge watching Netflix. (Favorite shows right now: Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, and NCIS)

Writing Projects

I am the author of two YA novels, Devil’s Playground (Clean Reads, 2016) and Porky Pig Mornings (title still under debate) (Endever, coming soon!). Porky Pig Mornings is a character-driven comedy based on the misadventures of my cousin. They were so surreal that I felt they needed to be recorded, and a book was born.

Thoughts on Endever

To me, Endever Publishing Studios represents following passion without limits. Endever isn’t defined by the publishing world, but by the authors it represents. It embraces risk, faith, and talent. What better place to trust with my work, then a place that respects me, my opinions, and my potential.



You can follow me on my website where I do book reviews for every age and every genre at www.heatheraeagar.com. I am also on twitter: @haeagar; Facebook: www.facebook.com/heatheraeagar and instagram: @wonder_of_words.


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