I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma but have been a native Floridian my entire life. I have a husband and three cats, daughter on the way, and a room with more Disney memorabilia and books that I know what to do with.  I love fairy tale retellings – it’s been my dream to write a series of them (or at least one book) or to write for a show like Once Upon A Time (my favoriteeeee) If you give me a pizza or chocolate chip cookies, we’ll automatically be best friends. When I’m not writing or working with students, I typically try to find other creative outlets – painting, creating “mixtapes” (I still and will forever call them that – playlist is not an option for me, haha), catching up on an endless stream of DVR & Netflix shows…overall just getting really emotional about fictional characters at all times. 🙂 I suspect, however, that incoming child will take a lot of that free time away for a bit though.

Writing Projects

I wrote A Deathly Compromise based on a dream I had about Death, as a young woman, dancing with a man to I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt. The image was so profound and vivid in my mind that it stuck with me for years until I finally finished the [first] story. Death, or Dee for short, was molded and shaped as an extension of myself to help me get over the grief of a family accident. She became a coping mechanism for me and continues to do so. I often hear her voice in my head when I’m going through a struggle. My wish is that others find peace or comfort in her too.

Thoughts on Endever

I took a chance with Endever when it was brand new and I became their first author (and guinea pig). I was more than happy to take that chance just based on the initial response and conversations with Andrew and Lynn. Now, it’s like being a part of a family, not just a community. Despite our differences in styles and genres, I believe we all have that same feeling of excitement and compassion for the written word and characters that you can attach yourself to. It’s a great company to grow with and be a part of – I can’t wait to see where it all goes from here.

Contact (website) (blog)
Twitter: @coralrewa

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