I live in Morrison, Colorado with my loving husband, Tim, and our pit bull mix, Belle. Writing has been my passion since I was six years old, but I’ve been writing in the darker genres since I was eleven. I didn’t like my sixth grade teacher and wanted to scare her, so I wrote scary stories in my school journal. Fortunately AND unfortunately, she loved them, so on the one hand my plan didn’t work, on the other, I was on to something, so I kept at it all these years.

When I’m not writing I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, running, reading, and adding to my bone collection, which consists of a full cat skull my brother found out at my mom’s place, and a cow vertebra I found in Oaxaca, Mexico in 2016. I also like to poke dead things with sticks. Yeah, I’m THAT kid.

In addition to writing, I have a full time job on the side as a project manager at a medical device manufacturer in Lakewood, but that’s boring, so I won’t talk much about that.


Writing Projects:

The inspiration for my novel, THE BLOOD OF SEVEN, comes from the Gnostic creation story, On the Origin of the World, which was found in Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1945, along with a bunch of other secret texts of the Bible. If you want to know more about that, I recommend Googling it. It’s fascinating stuff, and so heretical!

Though THE BLOOD OF SEVEN isn’t my only novel-length manuscript, it is the one that I have worked the hardest and longest on. I wrote the first version of this book in 2007, and have rewritten it approximately five times since as I grew and developed as a writer. Trust me when I say, be glad it took me that long. HA!

This book has my blood sweat and tears all over it. It has taught me so much about writing and telling a good story and developing characters who feel real, and not just main characters, all the characters. Most importantly, it has taught me about perseverance.

I’m also working on a horror-mystery right now with the working title PHOTOS IN DARKNESS, and have had a few short stories published. Most recently:

“The Replacements” in the anthology ROCK ‘N’ ROLL IS DEAD (available on Amazon here)

“Remembra” in the anthology FOUND by Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, winner of the 2017 Colorado Book Award for Anthologies (also available on Amazon here)