28751_10151294434995480_1557171638_nAndrew Toy, founder, owner

Having noticed missed opportunities in the publishing industry, Andrew began Endever early in 2016 with the intention of bringing much-needed revolutionary ideas to the publishing industry. Endever is about making books more about the story rather than the individual “writing” it. Great and famous authors have had their day, now it’s time to make room for others on the bookshelf.

Part of his revolutionary idea is for Endever to operate more like a movie studio than a traditional publishing house. This requires many hands on deck for each project, collaboration to improve stories, and a commitment to demonstrate a fostering community for authors to want to continue publishing subsequent works through Endever. Andrew loves burgers, wings, pizza, and sugary cereal. With whole milk.

T: @atoy1208, FB: AuthorAndrewToy, Blog: Adopting James

9 thoughts on “Andrew Toy

  1. Loves….sugary cereal. Haha! You seem like a nice indivual and your company sounds unlike any other publishing company Ive read on so far (definitely a good thing)! I look forward to gettingto know you and your company 🐼

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