blank pageWhat inspires you to write? When you are in a writing slump and can’t seem to put the words together on the blank page, what gets you back to it?

And I’m not talking about the built in writing schedule just to make sure you get something down each day. I’m talking about blood-pumping, heart-racing, adrenaline-inducing inspiration.

For me, I know that inspiration ebbs and flows – heavy on the ebb – so when a moment strikes that I absolutely can’t do anything else except for write, I take full advantage of that moment.

Yesterday I watched La La Land for the first time. I didn’t have any expectations for the movie starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (even with the massive number of awards/nominations it has received), but what I didn’t expect was to draw inspiration from it.

If you haven’t seen it, go see. If you have, you may understand what I am talking about when I say that the road to success is different for everyone and there is no same path. When you have a passion for something and you want to do that one thing in life, you will do anything to get there, but sometimes that journey is brutal, some other path intersects and offers you something different and more instantaneous, but doesn’t fill you with the same joy. That is when the excuses seep in and you start to believe them, shifting your dream and passion in an alternate direction.

There is nothing wrong with this if you are happy at the end of day, but I know not everyone wants that to be the end of their journey. They want to succeed where their passion lies. So what does La La Land, dreams, and inspiration have to do with me and Endever?

One, I sat down and worked on my Bobby Gunn novel. Which is a huge deal since it has been over six months since I have written a word of Bobby. That’s a long time for a writer and a novel that is nearing the epilogue. I wish I could say that I wrote thousands of words, but the time didn’t allow for it, but I was able to jump the hurdle that had been in my way.

Two, Endever is my passion, it is my dream, and it isn’t always gelato and sunny days. There are tough days, but being surrounded by others who share this passion, who have their dreams lining up with Endever, and the support of you all makes those not-so-easy days still wonderful.

We don’t always know the end of our stories, where our successes will truly lie, but we can make the most of today working on our dream, inspiring others, and finding inspiration in unlikely places.

sunshine and flowers

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2 thoughts on “Blank Page To Dreams

  1. La La Land was so great! Definitely an amazing film for creative inspiration when we sometimes find ourselves wanting to quit. I’m glad you found the time to watch it, and best of luck on finding your way to the end of your novel, Lynn!


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