While each Saturday Spotlight to this point has featured someone I know from this wonderful WordPress community, this one is a tab bit more special. I know with 100% certainty that a good many of you agree. Those of you that have traveled over to Endever from my personal tight knit community know that our little family of poets would be far less spectacular without Cam.

Sorting out just a few things to say about Cameron is like trying to explain quantum physics with a single sentence but the quality that demands to be recognized first is his heart. Because with Cameron, you get all of it.

“One day I hope to sing you a joyful serenade

My voice isn’t great but I’m sure you’ll be swayed

The words may be rough but the sentiment is true

And best of all my dear, they were written just for you”

-Excerpt from Cameron’s poem Favorite Thing

Cameron pours his soul into everything he writes and cleverly finds ways to adapt his daily surroundings into poetic form (including recent posts about work, family trauma, and a whole collection of “There’s A Poem In That.“) But he also takes the time to pour his soul into the comments he makes on other people’s work, giving the writer an unexpected extensive paragraph of praise which most often leads to a full blown conversation. If you need a confidence boost or stimulating critique, Cameron is the best I can recommend.

Now, I would have stones thrown at me from certain Cam listeners if I failed to mention his affinity for posting voice recordings of his poems, especially since he sports a melodic Scottish lilt. What started out as tentative attempts on some “hopeless romantic” pieces (such as “Does She Actually Like Flowers?”), has become a full blown tribute to his Scottish heritage, with pieces spoken in such heavy brogue that you’d best read along to the written copy so you don’t get lost.

-Reading of the written piece To Be Welcome

At the risk of rambling on for ages (a habit Cam has well taught me), I best say that there is much to listen to and more to learn about Cameron if you head on over to his little blog corner at hamiltonfox.wordpress.com. Many thanks to Cameron for all you bring to the poet community, for being a good friend to many of us, and for letting me brag about you a wee bit.

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3 thoughts on “WP Saturday Spotlight- Cameron D. Hamilton

  1. This is amazing. I’m honoured and speachless. I honestly can’t put into words how much I adore this. I can feel the love in each and every word.
    Thank you so much for this feature… im literally welling up reading it. It’s amazing I just can’t believe it. I’m totally getting this framed!!

    Liked by 1 person

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