Today we’ll be wishing the force to be with our friends while the rest of the world is having a pity party on the lame Enterprise giving each other V-shaped hand signals. Dorks.

Have you ever stopped to think what the force really is? When it comes to religion in the Star Wars universe, I think it’s nothing more than good vs. evil. And the force is like the heart of God. Or Buddha’s belly, whichever is your preference. It’s the center of all that encompass that world. The life force (ahem) if you will.

My thought is, there’s a force hovering within every industry or area of passion or set of ideas. Like in the food industry, the founder of McDonald’s had the force in a way, because he (they) launched a multi-billion dollar franchise. But even the mom and pops come in contact with the force when the whole town is awakened to what they have to offer.

Picasso hit the force in the art world, Beethoven in the music world, Elvis in rock and roll, Spielberg in movies. It’s like they all tapped into something larger than any of us and shifted the world with their works of art.

You may be one of the lucky few who have skimmed the surface of the force in your industry. Maybe your horse farm is popular in your town. Or you’ve won awards for your food. Maybe your the fastest motorcyclist in your division. All results of the force being with you. The gift is yours for the taking.

Writers know a lot about this hovering indefinable force that dangles tauntingly before us, just out of reach.

It comes in the form of the next BIG IDEA. That unforgettable dialogue. That masterful plot. We know the frustrations of not quite grasping the force, and the devastation when we come out of our writing spell untouched by it.

I can’t promise you you’ll ever be impacted by the force that resides in your industry. But one thing you must remember is that Luke and Rey and the rest of the Jedi order had to undergo intensive training in order to be able to use the force.

We’re no different, and certainly not Jedi.

So whatever your field of expertise is, whether it’s writing or brick making or piloting jet fighters, prepare and train. Seek out that particular force, study the masters in your circle, find out their techniques, their tricks, their strengths and weaknesses. Figure out how they got to be so good at what they do. And remember, they were once trainers, apprentices, and Padawans too.

You’re in good company, and may your force be with you.

Andrew Toy



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