Hey ladies and gents!

My mind is a fairly blank space (minus the massive to-do list that keeps screaming at me in my head). It’s Friday and I can’t wait to have some time over the next two days to shut down my brain and get lost in gardening or T.V. Gosh I miss show bingeing. My current obsession is The Originals. Personal opinion- 10,000x better than Vampire Diaries. Yes. I heart the Michaelsons (insert happy dreamy sigh).

But before I go, I’ll leave you with one last comment on our book giveaway. Several people have been sharing posts on Facebook and the list of people entered to win is growing. If you don’t already follow us on Facebook, I highly suggest it seeing as how we do more interactive activity on there (such our current book giveaway and comment conversations with authors!)

Oh, and there is also an Amazon gift card floating around here on WordPress. Have you seen it? If you’d like a chance to lay claim to it, reblog your favorite Endever post. We’d love to know what posts you like best and winning a gift card while you’re at it is a pretty great perk.

In summary, get to following, sharing, winning, and watch The Originals. Seriously. Every time Klaus smiles at Hope, I cry a little.

With love for you ALL,


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