I obsessively love to read. Or at least I thought so before going to a friend’s house and seeing that their bookshelf looks like a Barnes and Noble replica. That’s when I realized that there is obsessive reading and then there is obsessive book buying.

Let’s be honest, even us readaholics don’t always find a book to be a top priority for purchase, especially when you’re scraping together coins to buy a packet of Ramen for dinner. It is for this reason that librarians and used book stores shall be given a special place in heaven. Just sayin.

So I get it, I do, if you are hesitant to buy books…especially if you don’t know if you will like it. With reviews only now coming in, it’s hard to know what people are saying about our books.

Well now you can know for yourself.

We have made the first chapter of each of our books now available for free reading right here on our site.

You will find a link to these chapters on each book’s respective page (book pages are found in the Library, top menu.)

Or, you can start reading from here! –

These Great Affects- Andrew Toy

A Deathly Compromise– Coral Rivera

This Never Happened– R. Tim Morris

Chapter pages are open for comments so feel free to let us know what you think!

Happy reading!

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