There is a place for everyone at Endever. Sound too good to be true? Then I dare you to read through these options and find where you belong in Endever.


At our very core, we are books. And we are GREAT books. The easiest but most important way to be a part of Endever is to be a reader of the books we publish.


Without great books, we would not exist. We are open for submissions and would love to hear your story. Not a novel writer? Then contact us for a spot on our Saturday Spotlight for which we write posts to feature writers that have WordPress blogs for poetry, short stories, book reviews, etc. We also have a literary magazine project developing over the summer which will feature just about any writing genre/style you can think of. So get on board!


You become Endever’s number one asset when you speak out about Endever and the work we do. Every time you share Endever, whether by mouth or by social media, we get that much bigger.


This one initially sounds negative. Not so. Being a critic is about analyzing and reporting. We welcome you to report your opinion of our books. Write a review and post it where others will find it, such as on your blog, Amazon, Goodreads…anywhere. Also, don’t be afraid to contact us with concerns or suggestions. Sometimes the only way to see something that needs improving is for someone to point it out.


Pass your copy of the book to a friend and get them hooked. Even better, visit your local library and request that they order the book to carry on their shelf. Suggest the book to your local book stores. Help us get these books out into your community.


While Endever does not solicit money, we are still in the earliest stages of starting our company and would benefit from anyone that feels led to support Endever in this way.


We do not have any paid employment opportunities at this time but would love to welcome anyone wanting to volunteer their time to proofread our manuscripts before release. Being a proof reader allows you to get hands-on experience with editing and be a part of shaping the book into its best version.  Once that final edition is complete,  our ARC readers get a copy and the opportunity to write the very first reviews before publication so our readers can get pumped and excited for the release date! If proofing or reviewing is not your thing but you would still like to be involved, contact us and we will find a spot for you!

So, did you find something you could do?

If not, definitely say so! We like a challenge here at Endever and we are eager to welcome people to our family. We appreciate everyone that has been involved to this point and we hope more of you will join us.

Contact us at:


We’re starting early! Reblog this post between now and April 30th and you will be entered to win a $25 (or international equivalent) Amazon gift card. Share this post on your social media (be sure to tag us so we see it) and you will be entered to win a signed copy of A Deathly Compromise by Coral Rivera!


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    Want to know how you can join Endever Publishing Studios, and help promote our burgeoning company? Read this latest post to find out the many different opportunities available to you!

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    1. Contact info for submissions and individual members of Endever is linked within the above post. I did, however, just now add our main email address ( to the end of the post for easier access. Thank you for asking!


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