Today, your Writing Tip Tuesday comes from our author Matthew Wainwright!

Matt Wainwright

I’m currently going through the Endever Process with what now feels like my first actual novel (the others, it turns out, were all just pretend — or at best they were exercises to get me warmed up for the real thing). In practical terms, this means the manuscript is opened up to the bullpen of house authors, and the first five who volunteer get to read it through and make comments — we do this on Google Drive, because it’s awesome and because we get to comment on each others’ comments, which can quite frankly be hilarious at times.

This has proven to be an invaluable experience, particularly for me as a first-time publisher author, as it’s the first time the novel has been opened up to a diverse group of people with diverse opinions who — and here’s the important bit — know what they’re talking about.

The upshot…

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