Make It Interesting

Alonso dealt out the cards quickly.

His fellow players all tried to watch, tried to make sure he wasn’t doing anything suspect. But Alonso was too experienced, too quick, for them to really follow. He dealt a card to each, shuffled, then dealt a card to each, again and again. His fingers were nimble, the card shuffling sound perky, snappy. Alonso smiled at them all as he dealt the last round of cards.

“Everyone ready?” he said. “Want to make it interesting?”

“I always mistrust someone who says that,” Lou said, then took a sip from his beer.

“Yeah, but it’s Alonso, man,” said Darrell. “He’s a good guy.”

“How do we know?” said Roy.

“Roy, man,” Darrell said. “You’re new. You won’t know. I known Alonso years, he’s good. Still, I don’t want to make this a money game. Just for fun. Plus, my wife’d kill me.”

“Alright, alright,” Alonso said. “Just tossing it out there. You all ready?”

“Ready,” they said together.

“Alright. Roy. Any Kings?”

“Go Fish,” said Roy.

Alonso reached for the pile, and it was Darrell’s turn.

[A December 2016 post from Wee Little Stories]

That…that is Martin. Nothing complicated. Nothing super fancy. Just a short little tale that pays homage to life’s little moments. When I get on WordPress, no matter how much other pressing business I have to attend to, no matter that I’m on a self imposed deadline to post the next Endever highlight, I read Martin. Why? Because Martin could not make it any easier. Martin writes with two ingredients that appeal to me most as a WP browser- short and entertaining. Thrill seekers might find Martin’s style a little bland but give a closer look at the details and you’ll see the brilliant hidden humor and nuances. If something on WP is going to make me smile, it’s going to be Martin.

You can visit Martin’s blog at Wee Little Stories where Martin posts daily. The absence of clutter and the size of the posts makes it easy to spam read his stories. I get on there and before I know it, I’ve read like 30. So go have a look, give Martin a little hello, and let me know how many stories you read before you realized three hours had passed.

Want your blog to be featured on Endever’s site or know someone that would? Then e-mail us at or fill out the form below. The bloggers we seek to feature are not limited to strictly novel writers so whether you are a short story writer, poet, or even a book reviewer…join the party!

( This blogger feature is for the express purpose of showcasing the personal blog space of a fellow WordPress blogger in a show of appreciation for writing and to benefit from mutual sharing. The content of the featured blogger is not contracted property of Endever Publishing Studios. Therefore, all rights remain with the original blogger and do not directly reflect upon Endever.)

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