On March 30th, This Never Happened becomes available for e-book purchase. Today starts our countdown as we excitedly (though impatiently!) wait for the 30th to be here!

This Never Happened is the peculiar story of Epic Small and his journey to find a sense of belonging in his world. Winding through a patchwork of allusions and clues, readers will slowly piece the truth together as Epic does, while simultaneously considering the possibility that our protagonist might actually be losing his grip on what’s real and what’s not.

There is much more to be said about This Never Happened and you will learn a great deal more as we spend the week celebrating and looking forward to the release of this novel. Today, we are kicking off the festivities with a little chat that I was fortunate to have with the author. Please join in and listen to the podcast below as R. Tim Morris discusses his book and the journey he took to make the story of Epic the brilliant work that it is.

5 thoughts on “Countdown to Book Release!

  1. Reblogged this on R. Tim Morris and commented:
    Last week, I sat down to record a podcast with Jaime from Endever Publishing Studios to promote my book, This Never Happened.
    Go on, have a listen.
    TNH is available in eBook March 30th!

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