Last Friday we invited the community to challenge their writing skills by crafting a creative response to the following prompt-


Every day a new story pops up in our feed which is exciting! Here are the prompt responses we have seen so far and boy are they good! Follow the “read more” links to read the full stories on their respective blogs. Be sure to leave feedback and don’t hesitate to join the writing fun with a story of your own. (For prompt participation details, visit original post.)

By: Matt Wainwright

After a week it began to feel like she was floating somewhere in the upper atmosphere, the sky and the sea merging into the same shade of perfect azure. There was no up or down, no left or right; and, since the compass had fallen overboard, no north or south either. She was placeless, directionless, lost in a universe of blinding, brilliant…read more.

By: Jaime Dill

Johnny set himself to the task of writing concerning the awe-inspiring vibrancy of the horizon where the sky meets the ocean. He cracked his knuckles over the keyboard, and stared off at a far corner of the wall, getting lost in the imagery of his mind. He painted the clouds a niveous white, the greater expanse of the sky azure, the far reaches a deepread more.

By: R. Tim Morris

Sometimes Blue wishes he could jump. He figures when the time comes, it will be when he’s not considering jumping at all. When he’s not thinking about it. Will he take a deep breath and see how long he might last? See how deep he might go before blacking out? Or will he let the water fill him immediately, like a pasta strainer submerged in…read more.

By: Jon Smith

Grey skies.

A reflection of Daniel’s monochrome existence.

The wind tried its best to push him back, but nothing would stop him today. Bowing his head and putting his hands up in front of his face, he forced his way along the beach. Half closing his eyes as sand danced and jumped in every direction, he kept his focus…read more

By: Coral Rivera

He was born under the stars.

When he closed his eyes he could still see them, circulating on the back of his lids from left to right, following the orbit of the Earth. They were seared there, imprinting a permanent calm. He never knew pure blackness, the pitch dark of…read more.

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