As I sit here eating Tiramisu gelato, drinking tea (from my new Endever mug 😃), snuggling with my pup, and blasting my favorite music through my house, I am supposed to be coming up with something for this blog post.

I want something more than the one in which you only receive a list of what I have done with a fraction of my day instead of something profound, something about writing, something about me, something about Endever, etc. But then it hits me. This is EXACTLY what this post is supposed to be about.

OK, maybe not exactly, but sort of close to it.

As we are just over two weeks in of relaunching our website with all the nifty tabs and avenues and portals of information (Thank you J! You are my God sent angel), I have to take a moment to reflect on where we – Andrew & I – were a year ago and where we are now.

A year ago, we had no signed authors, we weren’t a licensed company, we barely knew each other (we still have yet to meet in person even though him and my mom live in the same city), and we were attempting to hone our business plan so we could start getting everything off the ground once we were an LLC.

Now, we have NINE signed authors, FOUR staff members, and the most incredible fans. All of that together creates the Endever family. One that will continue to grow and learn and create art together.

But what does this have to do with my gelato and tea? It has EVERYTHING to do with it. If it weren’t for Endever and this company, I would still be searching for my career path. I would be working a dead-end job that I absolutely hated because I knew I wasn’t doing what I wanted. I wouldn’t have met incredible people from across the globe. I wouldn’t be able to spend my days at home reading manuscripts, pulling them apart, twisting them, challenging its creator, transforming it into its full potential. I wouldn’t get to fan girl over our own authors and the amazing works they create. I wouldn’t be able to get frustrated when book formatting didn’t work…again. I wouldn’t get to pour a glass of wine on a Monday night and have a video conference call to discuss business.

I wouldn’t be able to sit here, eat my gelato, drink my tea, snuggle with my pup, and listen to my favorite music while the sunshine streams through the windows.

Working on manuscript schedules, snuggled up with the pup. This is a daily occurrence.

But this is only a blip in what lies ahead. I do love going to my full-time job at Avery, but my passion lies with Endever and I plan to continue to work hard every day I am at home. The goal is to only work at home, filling my days with manuscripts and tea, authors and gelato, and the joys – even through the struggles – Endever creates.

So… What does your gelato eating, tea drinking day look like? Where do your dreams lie?

3 thoughts on “Tiramisu Gelato, Tea, and What It Means To Me

  1. I will absolutely vouch for the fangirling – it’s been one of the best parts of the journey! It’s so nice to have a great community of others that are passionate about writing in general. All of you guys are the best!


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