I did some snooping and found this interesting piece from 2015 on the blog of our author, Coral Rivera.

Coral Rivera

Prompt #2: Ten years from now, you meet up with an old friend you haven’t seen in a decade. Write the conversation you have. 

I looked at her and all I saw in her face were the sharp edges of vowels and hard marks on the angry flourishes of her words. My teeth were iron, unclenching just enough for a smile to escape the corner of my lips. The letters turned into phrases, flashing in red and snaking between us, the silence of a decade solidifying into a stone in my throat.

“Hi, wow, how have you been?” she asked.
“Hey, um great. Things are great. How are you?”

She nodded, jutting out her chin, undoubtedly wishing that she had taken a different path, left five minutes earlier, stayed home for breakfast altogether. “Things are perfect. I’m exactly where I want to be.”

I felt a familiar stab in the…

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