Author Matt Wainwright’s take on the community prompt post! Check it out!

Matt Wainwright


Today I undertook the Endever writing challenge, the prompt for which was:

Write about blue without using the word ‘color’.

Now, I’m a Brit, which gives me an edge (if you accept that ‘color’ and ‘colour’ are two different words); but I decided to forgo my natural advantage and play by the spirit of the rules rather than the letter.

The rest of the rules are as follows:

(Specifics– Write using 500 words or less. There is no limit to the amount of stories you write per prompt. Copy and paste these writing challenge details when you share with friends so others can join.)

I managed to hit 500 words on the nose (yes, I’m disproportionately chuffed with myself), and I don’t think it’s a half bad attempt on a day that was spent mostly wiping runny noses, tending to an ailing wife, and filling up the…

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