I have been following Maja for quite some time and if I could summarize her blog with one word, it would have to be inspirational. While Maja is a poet at heart, it is her motivational memes that have always stood out to me when I’m scrolling through my WP reader, memes such as:


A lot of novelists are scared of poetry but Maja thinks they don’t have to be-

In some form or another we are all born poets – as we all use, make, and create language. Spending time reading and writing poetry is like training, having an exercise of your brain muscles where you sharpen your senses and you learn to pay closer attention; you slow down fast-paced thoughts and you are reshaping your mind for finding greater meanings as your ability for deep listening grows. You become more aware of weaknesses and virtues of the human kind and with that understating, your relationship with the world changes…


While experiencing a personal crisis, about a couple of years ago, poetry silently again entered my life and many things changed for the better – even my health since poetry has healing properties for me. And it happened to be that sacred, little place I was looking for to be only mine, that I could decorate, erase, fill, create or destroy the way I wanted. I didn’t have to offer any excuses, explanations, or justifications for me being me. That kind of comfort is priceless. You learn to accept yourself just the way you are and you see that the world isn’t some ugly place that wants to make you miserable” -Maja

Maja is a writer and educator from Belgrade bringing “knowledge, awareness and creativity into the world” which she says has “always been my passion”. She has founded where you can sign up for a newsletter and find support from Maja personally on your writing journey. You can also find more tips from Maja by following her on Twitter and Facebook.

To learn more about Maja S. Todorovic’s passion and story, visit her blog and check out her bio.

Massive thanks to Maja for being our WP Saturday Spotlight. I hope everyone finds something on her site that resonates and if so, take the time to let her know!

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