“I have a confession to make,” I texted my friend not too long ago. “Sometimes I stay up late at night and watch inappropriate videos on YouTube.”

“You watch people having sex with animals?” he asked.

I responded with the standard LOL and said, “No. But like, I watch videos of people being mauled to death by animals or kids getting hit by cars.”

After a long awkward pause he responded, “Me, too.” Although admittedly the videos he confessed to watching sounded a lot worse than even mine.

But that got me thinking, no one’s really all that different. We all tune in to shows like The Walking Dead and Dexter maybe in spite of the  gratuitous violence and bloodbaths, but the graphic killings certainly don’t deter us from watching. I’m guilty. I keep coming back for more.

It’s easy to say we’re all just blood-thirsty sickos who’d line up to watch an execution if given the chance, and maybe that’s so. But personally, I think it’s something deeper than that.

I think we live in a world where we feel like we’ve lost to the corporate big wigs and government bigots that in a way we can relate to the heroes in our favorite blood-splattered stories.

We surrounded by zombie coworkers, our mountains of bills are like final shots to the heart, so we need to look to people who survive this mess and fight back.

This brings me to capitol S Story. This is why we visit stories, this is how Stories capture our undivided attention. I truly don’t think it’s because of the graphic sex or the gratuitous violence, as entertaining as those scenes can be, but we hang on to those Stories until the end. We want to see retribution, the innocent avenged, the guilty punished, the world redeemed.

Just look at the highest grossing movies in the world:

Avatar: I hated that movie, but there was something about a tree coming back to life. It was about nature, so something that was destroyed came back to life.

Titanic: Unless you’re a 14-year-old boy, you don’t really care for Kate Winslet’s boobie scene, but the sinking ship can only be redeemed with that last scene of everyone alive and smiling on an unsinkable ship with the lights glowing bright.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The hope of Luke Skywalker’s eventual return to the scene is enough to get your hairs sticking up on end.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2: For this movie to be the highest-grossing in the entire saga speaks volumes about people sticking around to see evil overcome by good.

We thrive and rely on Stories to remind us that good can prevail over evil and even monotony. We have these heroes to look to that say, “Fight with me! Come on, you lazy bastards, stop watching my movie and take up your arms!”

Ironically, Stories remind us to fight, but they require us to be sitting on our butts to enjoy them. But that’s another topic.

Why am I talking about the importance of Stories when I might as well be convincing my kids that Lucky Charms are awesome?

Because there’s two types of people in this world: The ones that believe Stories are awesome and the ones who create those awesome Stories.

The group at Endever Studios work hard to ensure we get the best told books in your hands, books to carry you away, books to redeem the world, fix brokenness, maybe even thrill you a little or flip your world upside down.

At Endever, we don’t just strive to write books, we work to tell the best Stories. So keep checking in on us and discover new and exciting books, written by people with a deep-seated love and respect for the power of Stories.

Andrew Toy

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