Hi all, Jaime here. I’m excited to say that I got the chance to talk with Coral about her book A Deathly Compromise and it was a blast. Coral is sincerely an inspiring writer and easy to fall in love with. After the interview, we got to fangirling over books and ended up talking for almost two hours. She’s that likable. But don’t just take my word for it. Listen for yourself!

Check out this exclusive podcast interview with Coral Rivera.


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Coral Rivera talks “A Deathly Compromise”

New Exclusive Content from”A Deathly Compromise”

Don’t forget to check out Coral’s book A Deathly Compromise available for purchase in paperback and kindle on Amazon. Get your copy now!

6 thoughts on “Interview with Coral Rivera

  1. Woo. This is awesome! Great podcast, guys. Great to hear more from Coral. I can’t wait to hear from everyone else as books start to come out.

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  2. Great job, both of you. Coral, it’s so fantastic to have the opportunity to peek inside your head and to have a bit more insight into your wonderful characters. Hope this book/series can really get all the attention it deserves!

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