There is a lot that goes into the making of a great story and the majority would agree that the most daunting and grueling part is the editing. For many, editing feels like you are handing over your new-born baby and you have this real fear that it is not going to be properly taken care of or maybe even be unrecognizable once it is returned to you. That is terrifying. Over and over again in the media and entertainment world, we see artists growing bitter over the compromises forced on them by producers and publishers. This doesn’t create a better product. It only crushes creative spirits.

Our philosophy at Endever is one of candor and collaboration. Collaboration seems pretty straightforward- we work as a team. We peer read, review, discuss, dream…we work together. But how does candor fit into this? Successful peer anything only works when there is a spirit of constructive frank advice, joined with a spirit that is ready to listen and learn. Our writers go into the editing process not with fear but in anticipation of the collaborative candor that they know will not compromise their story but shape and mold it into the best story they envisioned it to be.

Heading up all collaborative editing efforts at Endever is our main editor Lynn Galloway. Our authors are always quick to brag about how encouraging Lynn is throughout the editing process. We hope you feel the same way as you get to know Lynn a bit better in this video where she describes her role as editor and how it feels to play such a part in an author’s work.


If you like Endever’s editing philosophy and would like to submit your work, check out our submission’s page which outlines what we are looking for and how to catch our attention. We look forward to hearing from you!

Coming next– Tomorrow we will be wrapping up our Launch Week with our first ever podcast which will feature an interview with author Coral Rivera as she sits down to discuss A Deathly Compromise with me, Jaime. You don’t want to miss it!

Also, Endever apparel is still on sale but only through March 10th so be sure to check it out and make your order now!

8 thoughts on “The Making of a Story

  1. Lynn is an editorial beast! But not one of those scary, three-headed, acid-spitting beasts that sleeps under your bed. She’s one of the good ones.

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