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I have been hanging out with the Endever family for a few months now, getting to know everyone and planning out the relaunch of our online presence. Given how quickly we’ve bonded, it feels much longer. I already can barely remember what my daily life looked like before Endever. (Most likely far more boring.)

But the Endever family is made of more than just its authors and staff. The family also includes you, the followers. And it’s time we met.

A good many of you probably know me already from my blog or have previously seen me hanging around in the comments. (I can see comment history now so there’s no denying the evidence- total Endever stalker.) I started posting thoughts and little bits of poetry to WordPress something like four years ago as a way to journal. I am so drawn to pretty notebooks but I completely suck at actually writing in them. And even if I did, it would just sit on a shelf, forgotten by everyone but me and some dust. I wasn’t looking for an audience exactly but by logging everything into WP, I was opening a door for anyone interested in what I had to say. Then walked in Andrew Toy.

The exact date is fuzzy…more than a year but less than two, Andrew randomly liked a post of mine and started following me. (I still have no idea how or why. Call it kismet.) As unspoken WP courtesy rules go, I went and checked him out. This was before These Great Affects was even finished but he was already talking a lot about it and his passion for it drew me in quick. (Besides, what WP writer wouldn’t jump at the chance to get an “in” with a real author?)

So that is when my official stalking began and it wasn’t long before Andrew was asking for early readers for These Great Affects. Did I want to read it? Uh, duh…number one fan waving her arms wildly, right over here. I was totally prepared for it to be some crappy, barely edited pipe dream of a story (he was asking for free readers, after all) but had hopes that it would be readable.

I will swear to you now on a ten foot stack of Bibles that I am not just saying this because I like the guy- These Great Affects was one of the best books I have ever read.

It was only natural for me to then be glued to Andrew’s journey as he then soon dared to start his own company to get this book into the world. To condense a very long and hard year, I saw Andrew piece together what is now Endever through mountains of frustrating hurtles but with epic strides forward. I felt horribly unqualified (having never published anything myself) to contribute anything more than my constant support and dedicated commenting which was escalating with every new post. I wanted to see an online community join me (a whole band of stalkers, yeah!) and lift this baby company off the ground to the sky. The more I dreamed up this gang of Endever fans, the more I plotted out ways to bring them together until suddenly it dawned on me to propose the vision to Andrew.

It took me two months to finally collect enough courage to just go for it. Right after Christmas, I actually heard back from Andrew and Lynn. Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever. I walked into my husband’s office squealing incoherent words and he panicked, thinking someone had died. Well I’m sorry, fan-girl meets celebrity, what else did you expect?

Thus, here we are. The site has launched, I’m busy plotting fun posts and events, and now I’ve written this incredibly long and boring thing about me. (I sincerely hate long posts. Anyone still reading deserves a cupcake.)

Anyways, the takeaway here is that hi, I’m Jaime (best known as J), I’m eager to meet you other Endever fans (so say hi in the comments!), and always take the time to be involved (/stalk) the things you care about because it’s only through your enthusiasm and interaction that they are able to blossom into the best that you know they can be.



P.S. Click the cupcake link. You’re welcome.

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