WordPress has played such a vital role in the birth and growth of Endever. In fact, every single person that is currently a part of the Endever team discovered Andrew and his company via blogging on WordPress. It is because of this very fact that we want to continue nurturing our WordPress relationship by featuring a fellow blogger every Saturday.

Today, we want to introduce you to blogger Sarah Doughty! From gut wrenching poetry to her self published novels, Sarah writes with a passion influenced by her own personal life and struggles which she is very transparent about and uses to encourage others. Without further ado, here is Sarah Doughty!


“In a pool of infinite darkness
called life, don’t fear that light
glowing beneath surface.”

I am more than micro-tales of love or unbearable heartache. I am more than just pretty pictures with shallow words on crinkled paper. I’m not afraid to delve deeper into the human condition and come out the other side feeling that I made some level of connection with the harsh realities of this world. I’m not deterred by unseen, unfeeling, and listless eyes, searching elsewhere for little bits of romanticized half-truths or incomplete thoughts. I’m not burdened with the need to be someone I’m not, but instead choose to show my vulnerabilities and wear my heavy burdens for the world just so others can see they aren’t alone. I am not intimidated by those that choose the easy path, and instead embrace those that devour the depths of my daydreams and the harshness of my nightmares with the desire to continue on those paths with me. I am a weaver of tales, a collector of thoughts, a bearer of truths β€” a conjurer of magic, and this is the shimmering light in the unforgiving, darkened oblivion known as life.

Β© Sarah Doughty

Because of my haunted past, I write to evoke feeling, and I share the words that flow through me. My words can be found on my website, Heartstring Eulogies, Instagram, and in my books. In addition to poetry, I have written several books in my urban fantasy romance universe, Earthen Witch, published for free at most online retailers, so people can experience the same, temporary escape. Why don’t you grab a mug, pour your favorite hot beverage, curl up in a cozy spot, and join me?

Massive thanks to Sarah for being our WP Saturday Spotlight and to the rest of you, go check out her blog and if you like what you see, take the time to let her know!

Want your blog to be featured on Endever’s site or know someone that would? Then e-mail us at endevermarketing@gmail.com or fill out the form below. If you are contacting for yourself, be sure to include your name, your blog URL, and a brief description of your blog. If you are contacting us on behalf of someone else, include your name, your blog URL, the blog URL of the blogger you are recommending, and a brief description of why you wanted to share this blogger with us. The bloggers we seek to feature are not limited to strictly novel writers so whether you are a short story writer, poet, or even a book reviewer…join the party!

Coming next– Stay in touch for tomorrow as our new Marketing Leader, Jaime Dill, Β takes over the day to introduce herself and get to know all of you.

( This blogger feature is for the express purpose of showcasing the personal blog space of a fellow WordPress blogger in a show of appreciation for writing and to benefit from mutual sharing. The content of the featured blogger is not contracted property of Endever Publishing Studios. Therefore, all rights remain with the original blogger and do not directly reflect upon Endever.)

28 thoughts on “WP Saturday Spotlight

  1. Reblogged this on Among other things, J and commented:

    Many of you know the very lovely and talented Sarah Doughty. I invited her to be featured at endeverpublishing.com as our very first WP Saturday Spotlight. Go give it a look!

    Would you like to be featured by Endever Publishing Studios? Contact me for more details!

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  2. I’ve been following Sarah Doughty for some time. Her prose are brilliant both in depth, thought and often with a brevity of words conjures deep emotion, introspection, touching moments, a touch of romance and above all infinite vulnerability. I enjoy your writing on every level, Sarah. I’m grateful to have found you.

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    1. My favorite thing about Sarah is how she can store a powerful gut punch in such a tiny amount of writing. I’ve loved following her for a long time now. Thank you for adding your thoughts of appreciation!

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  3. Sarah Doughty totally deserves it, there’s no doubt about that.
    I agree with every word Covert Novelist said and feel the very same way.
    Even though I only started to follow her blog a couple months back still,
    after I did, I have never looked forward to reading anyone’s work
    (on WordPress) more than hers.

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