Coral Rivera, author of A Deathly Compromise , does more than just write characters. She bonds with them. In her mind, they continue to grow and live, far beyond the book. And anyone that falls in love with Dee, the main character of Coral’s spunky story, feels the same way.

Captivating characters, like Dee, stick with us and have us begging for more. Coral is excited to satiate a bit of that hunger by compiling and sharing a free online audio stream of Dee’s classic (with a dash of zest) mix-tape, via Spotify.

Hope you enjoy!


Be sure to share with Coral your favorite songs from the playlist in the comments below! Are there any other songs that you think suit Dee’s character?

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2 thoughts on “New Exclusive Content from”A Deathly Compromise”

  1. Reblogged this on Among other things, J and commented:

    I have seriously listened to this playlist at least 10 times through. Considering it is nearly two hours of perfectly classic and Dee inspired goodness, that’s a lot. You can stream right from the blog post so go visit and let it charm you in the background of whatever you are doing today. I promise you will love it!


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