An incredible fact about Endever is that it all started with just one person. An even more incredible fact is that now, it’s much bigger.

Endever has grown to become a tight knit community with each person coming from different parts of the world but with the same purpose- to explore creativity with other authors and bring into the world stories that are bursting with life. Up to this point, our authors and staff have been getting to know each other and been busy behind the scenes working on those pesky (but necessary) edits to get those stories ready for consumption. Therefore, it should be no surprise to hear that they are chomping at the bit to meet you. So head over to our Meet Us page to get to know them a bit better, start a conversation, and find links to their social media hang out spots!

But before you go…we challenged all our staff and authors to choose a word/phrase to share with you that best describes what Endever means to them.
And here is what they came up with-


Do any of these words stick out to you?

Perhaps you saw a word that perks your interest in how we operate or maybe even a word that has been missing from your previous publishing experience. These words are the promise of everything that goes into the books we create for you. As you can see, there are a lot of inspiring ingredients that go into the work we do here at Endever.

Now we would like to know- What word would YOU use to describe Endever? Is there a word that describes what you are looking for in a book or publisher but never seem to find?

Coming up next– Tune in tomorrow, March 2nd, as Andrew Toy releases a video trailer for These Great Affects and Coral Rivera sits down in front of the camera to discuss the inspiration behind A Deathly Compromise.

10 thoughts on “Meet the faces of Endever

  1. Love the selfies! Great choice of words, quite the captivating descriptions.
    How I would describe… I’d have to go with potential. The sheer enthusiasm and beaming pride on all those faces tells me great things are coming!

    Oh and I love the chalk board, excellent choice

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The chalk board pic is Christie Lambert. And Cam, she lives in North Carolina. Can you hear me screaming with excitement?!?!

      I love the word Potential. I think it is the perfect addition to such an already great collection.

      Liked by 1 person

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