Amidst the chaos of finalizing manuscripts for publication, Endever took a step back from working on projects to do interviews with several Kentucky based news outlets.

Here is the article Insider Louisville ran mid-October. Even with a few typos, it was a great article that articulates what we at Endever strive to achieve and why.


Written by Kevin Gibson -“Andrew Toy wrote what he believes is a great book; the publishing industry either didn’t care or didn’t agree.

Toy, a Louisvillian, submitted the book to “hundreds” of agents and was rejected each time. The same scene played out when he went straight to the publishing companies.

“Late last year,” he tells Insider, “I had a ‘eureka’ moment: Nobody is going to get published if you’re not on the inside of the publishing industry.”

Rather than tear up his manuscript in disgust, Toy decided to form Endever Publishing Studios LLC, a concept that would have authors working together as a collective to edit, publish and market books in ways not embraced by traditional publishing.” Continue Reading


What a wonderful feeling to see Endever out there in the world more! 


Where else have you seen Endever pop up? Where would you like to see Endever?

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