Happy Tuesday everybody!

I determined today, while driving to my little town’s quaint coffee shop that I enjoy Tuesdays because most have gotten over the fact that the weekend is over and we have survived Monday. I also like it because people aren’t as frantic. It’s almost calm.

Literally, the current moment while writing this post.

So as I sit here in Bittersweet Cafe, I enjoy the quiet that is normally the chaos of the popularity of this place, sipping my fancy looking latte, and gaze across the folder full of papers and manuscripts that I will be tackling today, I am thankful for this beautiful day to be here and do this.

Life doesn’t always present us with these kinds of situations and while we enjoy them in our real-life, we don’t necessarily want to see it so much in our fictional worlds. The more turmoil and trials  a character has, the more intrigued we are and more invested we become to see how it all turns out. We want our characters to have a HEA, grow as a person, and have a good life, but we want there to be action and uncertainty before we get there.

Today is a writing prompt kind of day. Why? Because I had this story idea pop into my head yesterday and I hastily scribbled out the premise, the outline, the main push and pull points, and the ending. But where to start it all? I’m not an “at the beginning” type of person. Which leads me to seek out other sources to get my writing juices flowing. This advice quote means a great deal to my story idea and it could also mean everything to other characters and their stories (even our own real-life stories). So, here it is.

happiness is an inside job

“Happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign anyone else that much power over your life.”

*What has happened that your character has been told this? Needed to be told this? What is their reaction/action to hearing this?*


Have fun writing! And please share us if you feel compelled 😀

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