We are visual creatures. We are drawn to certain things; Things that resonate with who we are as a person, our life experiences, our preferences, our beliefs, our secrets. 

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The OceanWe have expectations for those things placed in front of us no matter how hard we try not to. But, what matters most, is that we still open our minds, open our hearts, and open those books to really see the story inside.

The BBBook covers are a crucial part of a Story’s chance to being read. It can be the difference between someone picking it up and either taking it to read or putting it back and walking away.

And it’s not just the picture on the front. It is also the font, the colors used, the angles created. It is the placement of the title, the author, the visual, and even sometimes, the texture of the book when you pick it up. All these things combine make the first impression we have for the Story inside, even before we know what it is about.

So what are your favorite book covers?

I asked a few people to show me their favorite book covers regardless of if they actually have read the book or even liked it if they did. (The covers posted are mine and what others sent me). I was intrigued by the variety. I shouldn’t be surprised because, as humans, we are all different anyway, but it was also wonderful to see that each person had at least one that did not have any similarities to others they had chosen.

And the other side of the coin, what about the latest phrase of “Don’t Judge a Book by its Movie.” (I find myself saying this one a lot). The original book cover vs. the book cover after the movie is in post-production? Do you have a preference?

Let us know your thoughts, favorite covers, what you look for, and anything else you’d like in the comments! If you couldn’t tell, we’re starting to work toward the cover art for one of the manuscripts in progress 😀

2 thoughts on “We Say We Don’t But, Let’s Be Honest, We All Do This.

  1. I loved the cover of Life of Pi, especially when the movie came out and they replicated the cover in a shot in the film! Also, I love the cover of the paperback version of The Far Pavilions, but I also have a sentimental attachment to that book so it may just be that every time I look at the book it makes me smile.


  2. At the writing center where I used to work, we had a seasonal themed book wall with colorful covers. It was one of my favorite things about the place since it just brightened it up. It also drew in students and made them interested in reading, which was a win in my book.

    I don’t mind movie covers so much, since at least that draws attention to the book and hooks some people who may have just glossed over it otherwise. I’m game for almost anything that gets more people reading.


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