It’s Wednesday!! OK, so maybe the middle of the week does mean something to writers. It could mean a plethora of things.

  1. You have completed your writing goal for the week and it’s only half over!!
  2. You haven’t written a single word and it is already half over.
  3. You’re still on track, but a little push would be helpful.
  4. You’re just trying to survive the week!

If writing is your job, your passion, your hobby, one thing (should) remain the same no matter what description you use and that is… Writing every day is a must!

But that doesn’t always happen. We get busy with life, family, work, tasks, friendships, responsibilities, reading, any type of relationship, and the list goes on. But the one thing that remains true, no matter what is the fact that words need to come out.

Pen needs to be put to paper, fingers need to be put to keys, characters and story lines need to be introduced to this world.

Whatever the case may be, I find that I have the hardest time just sitting in my chair, opening Word, and typing. If I am inspired, GREAT! I am more than eager to open my laptop up, but majority of the time, writing doesn’t work that way for me.

If I am uninspired to sit down and write on my current project, I have a list of things I do until I figure out which will be the best one for me to use in order to tackle the “Should” of daily writing.

die yesterday

One that tops my list is using a writing prompt. I have a fascination with finding prompts on Pinterest, saving them to my writing board (which you can find HERE) and using them when I need them.

And today, I wanted to see what you guys can come up with! Take the writing prompt (picture) above and just write. Write a short story, a long story, a sentence, a paragraph, whatever you need to get your juices flowing. AND, if you feel so inclined, share it in the comments! I would love to see what you all come up with out of the same prompt.

#HappyWednesday #KeepWriting #amwriting #amworking 


2 thoughts on “Middle of the Week Means Nothing to Writers

  1. Even though I cranked this out in a couple of hours and probably missed a few typos and such as I edited, it felt pretty much done so I posted it instead of letting it sit for a day or two. With that said, feedback on my writing is always welcome. I never want to stop learning.

    (For lack of a better title) 5 10 2016

    The midwife handed me to an official scrivener directly after my birth, as she did with every new baby. Mom says my halting, guttural screams as I was being tattooed, were louder and more strange than any baby’s cry she has ever heard. Dad says the sound his baby girl made scared him so much that he cried, too, almost fainted. Thank goodness no one remembers their own birth.

    The scrivener finished 5 10 2016 on my shoulder within the mandated four minutes. The black numbers are there now, signaling to everyone who sees them that we could stop torturing babies if we wanted to. Whether the scrivener’s hands were driven by a higher power or our numbers were self-fulfilling prophecies, why has it ever mattered that we know the time of our deaths?

    One of the reporters who interviewed me for this morning’s news cycle was nervous, his eyes darting as if he was afraid to stand next to me. Was he afraid that something awful could happen at any moment? I said into the microphone as his hand shook, “Don’t worry. If your number was today, they’d have made you stay home. Mine was yesterday.”

    Mom asked me not to say anything against the tattoos just because mine was the first that was wrong, but we both knew she was asking too much. This issue has always been close to my heart, so I wasn’t afraid to speak out. At each interview, I said it was ridiculous to tattoo babies even when we thought the dates were infallible. “It’s cruel to do this to newborns,” I said. “It’s time for us to band together against this practice. Record the dates somewhere if it makes anyone feel better, but tattooing babies needs to stop. You have living proof now that it’s wrong.”

    Laws aren’t always put on the books to make life better. What’s most humane and decent is often the farthest thing from what the legislature is trying to accomplish. And often the voters aren’t thinking things through any better. But whether this practice is laid to rest soon or needs more work to get it done, I have a lot of thinking to do. When you’ve always thought you would die young, you don’t plan for the future.

    I’m seventeen. I get to decide things about my life now with the blissful uncertainty that young healthy people around the world always had before it was discovered that some people could predict death. There are so many choices …


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