IMG_0703Andrew Toy, Louisville, KY

Submissions are starting to roll in slowly but surely for our writing contest. Remember, the winner will win $150 plus publication perks.

Maybe you’re wanting to submit, and you have a good idea for a story, but you’re just having a hard time figuring out how to condense it into just 500 words.

Maybe you’re thinking it’s impossible.

Do you remember back in the day when commercials used to be really good? Remember the ones that made you cry? Think about it, within the span of 15-30 seconds, a television ad was so powerful it moved you to the most extreme of emotions.

(Personally, I’m recalling the one where the little girl grew up with her puppy Cassie and by the end Cassie was old and grey and couldn’t make it up the stairs.)

Or think about the movie Up. If the movie had ended after the first ten minutes, it probably still would have been lauded as the most emotional movie ever made.

Now, your short story doesn’t have to make us cry. By no means. We’ve purposefully left it wide open for you to explore any genre, since that’s what Endever promotes: story over genre.

I will talk more on this in subsequent posts. But for now, don’t be discouraged by the word count. Write your story, condense it, trim it up, cut it down, and then measure it by words. Make sure that content remains and cut out all the rest.

I know you can do it. If you have any questions or need advice, leave your comments below or email us at

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