12553006_10102602228824563_436700241830986111_nWelcome to Endever’s official blog. The purpose of the writing contest is to help fund Endever to get it off and running. Don’t worry, the winner will be rewarded handsomely—$150 plus perks.

Read on.


The judges (meet us here) will decide on three finalists. Those three finalists will have their short stories posted on Adopting James, visible and available to nearly 20,000 readers! They will also be posted here for readers/friends/family members to vote on.

The winner will be awarded $150, have his/her name/short story/blog/social media information posted for thousands of readers to view, as well as be given the opportunity to write a short story to be featured in one of Endever’s future publications! 



There is a $10 entry fee. The money will go toward the $150 prize to the winner and the rest will go to helping fund Endever as a startup company.

What, in particular, will it go toward? Starting a business requires many expenses such as registering as a business with the state, purchasing an ISBN number for our company’s products, and on and on.

Your submission will help get Endever off the ground!



We are looking for a fictional short story of up to 500 words. Give us your best shot! Any genre, any topic. WOW us. Must be fictional! Suspense is a plus.

(Please, no poetry, essays, instructional, nonfiction, or anything not strictly a story in fictional prose.)

The deadline for submitting is February 25. Please be thirteen or older. And we ask that your story has not won any previous awards nor has been previously published.

Get writing, and good luck!

Please note that the judges have the right to extend the submission deadline if we feel it will attract more submissions. 

Any other questions, email us at endeverpublishing [at] gmail.com

Click here to submit!

Follow Endever on Facebook and Twitter to watch us grow!

9 thoughts on “Writing Contest: Win $150

  1. I’m excited to write something but I have too many ideas to choose from! Looking forward to seeing this site grow! Best wishes to all three of you, stay strong. Birthing a company is hard work. I have a feeling you’ll make it happen 🙂


      1. Oh question! Can a person submit more than once? You’d be getting more money that way if I submitted twice and paid $20. But it doesn’t seem fair if I put in two and no one else does. Thoughts?


  2. You, you can submit more than once. We did not stipulate that contestants cannot submit more than one story, therefore, you are free to do so. Please be advised that we will not, under any circumstance, give favor to anyone who does submit more than one entry. Other than that, go for it, and happy writing! Good luck!

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